Type dating game

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The question becomes who has the right personality? K., you can check out the show Mondays at 7.30 p.m. If you live elsewhere you may have to wait to track it down, although Flynn said there has been interest from other countries about producing localized versions.

It may even turn out to be the impetus behind a future dating app, which could build on similar avatar and matching technology.

You've witnessed typography as art, typography murals and more but have you ever thought about how typography would sound or taste like?

Sarah Hyndman is conducting the Human Experiment type tasting surveys, that will see you discover which types you'd date, what they'd taste like and what they'd sound like."I'm researching how we respond to typefaces – from associating them with personalities to what they would sound or taste like.

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The different types of relationships Not all relationships that you’ll experience in your life may be a pleasant experience.

“We start by giving people access to the latest avatar-building technology and letting them build their perfect partner in looks and style.

That’s the premise of Type Connection, a matchmaking game for fonts.

Designed by Aura Seltzer as an MFA thesis project, Type Connection is an amusing way to learn how to pair typefaces.

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The experience of your past relationships can help you better your love life, and become a better lover *unless you’re still hooked to your ex*.

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