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All his free time is spent chatting with these women. There is one woman that he seems very close to they talk everyday.

A WINK News investigation found at least 13 offenders in Lee County who have not done so.

Charges involving solicitation of a minor often involve computer use.

Online chat rooms and other anonymous online forums can be misleading.

“When there’s information provided that that’s really going on, it will be investigated and if they are found to not be in compliance, they will be charged.” FDLE has records of every sex offender and predator in the state, but did not have a list that included their online accounts until WINK News asked for it.

WINK News used the list to identify the offenders who did not register their Facebook accounts with FDLE, including James Horton, who was convicted of sexual battery. “The Internet, it’s a worry obviously,” Richard said.

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