Mandating recycling

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Protecting our people and our planet is the passion that guides Enviro Light Recycling.

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Now Asbury Park pays a ton to get its stacks of newspaper hauled off.

What does the mandatory recycling ordinance require? 1, recyclables are basically prohibited from Seattle's household, apartment and business garbage.

For businesses, that means paper, cardboard and yard waste is prohibited from the garbage. Just automatically if we find too many recyclables in your garbage, we'll leave a tag and ask you to sort it out and then we'll collect the garbage can the next week." Since enforcement started, what have the trends been?

In keeping with that passion, we offer access to world class lightbulb recycling services which produce no waste, no pollution and recover 99.9% of all raw materials in light bulbs.

Enviro Light Recycling offers customized logistics solutions to help keep harmful toxic materials such as mercury out of landfills.

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