George stroumboulopoulos is he dating

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I scored tickets to tonight’s show and invited my friend Annelle to come with me. Don’t these chicks know that George is the thinking woman’s pin-up boy? The theatre was almost full and we picked seats about four rows up from the front on the left side. It’s bloody hard work to think on your feet and come off sounding smart at the same time. But first I made her promise to not look better than I did and make a point of flashing her wedding ring if we got the chance to meet George. George and the production crew were glued to the TV sets flanking the stage. and the prime minister was live on Newsworld addressing the nation.

He ran up and down the aisles and posed questions to those who volunteered to comment. I was left sitting there feeling like I had been dropped from the eye of a tornado. He then turned his back on the pushy mom and her teenage daughter and the four hot chicks. My mind flashed to all the gushing posts I had written about him and I felt exposed and embarrassed. The conversation ended almost as quickly as it began when a loud woman with a group of teenagers from the YMCA pulled him onto the patio for a group photo."You’re not in a rush to go anywhere are you? She confessed that she found my blog by googling George’s name. I told I was actually from Toronto and that my parents still lived there. When we arrived at the theatre, it was as if we had stumbled into a casting call for Canada’s Next Top Model. As soon as Martin’s speech was over, there was a lot of running back and forth by people wearing headsets and carrying sheets of paper. "I told him I wanted to say that this whole thing was ridiculous. They would run over to George and say something while he bent his head and listened. Then George made an announcement of his own."Hey everyone. C’mon, I know you guys have strong opinions."Before I knew what was happening or what I was doing, my arm shot up in the air and I blurted out, "I’ll do it! That the prime minister should have made this announcement in the House of Commons. That Mc Bain guy who reads the emails on the show is really short. He studied radio broadcasting at Humber College in Toronto.In spring 1993, Stroumboulopoulos worked at rock radio in Kelowna, British Columbia for a few months before getting a job offer at the Toronto radio station Fan 590 AM, working in talk radio.

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