Does updating your blackberry erase contacts

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If I were you, I would back up your phone at least once a week. I've used the backup and delete method as Exchange/Outlook environment I back up the contacts in Outlook to a *file, then delete the online version of contacts from Outlook, sync the BB, turn off wireless sync of contacts on the bb and restore the Outlook contacts from backup..

If you can’t find a message that you started but didn’t send, it’s probably saved in your message box as a draft.

After installing, with the Black Berry device powered ON, remove the battery for a few seconds and then reinsert the battery and allow it reboot.

By Corey Sandler The Contacts on your Black Berry Play Book (and smartphone) database helps tie together all of the elements of the personal information apps.

The calendar is the same way if you use more than one email account say one for business one for personal and one for BB things like downloads.

Many use Blac KBerry devices only for BBM, so deleting the app is out of the question for most, but sometimes it is a necessity, either due to some software glitch, or maybe because like me, you have more than one Black Berry device laying about and you want to make space on your device.

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