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img" data-cycle-fx=scroll Horz data-cycle-auto-height="container" data-cycle-pager="#id_slider_small .pager-id" data-cycle-pager-template="" data-cycle-prev="#id_slider_small .wa-slider-navigation-id .cycle-prev" data-cycle-next="#id_slider_small .wa-slider-navigation-id .cycle-next" If you’re new to Thailand, you might be surprised by the fact that Valentine’s Day is a big deal here.

At first I thought, Oh here we go: another misrepresentation of Thailand, sensationalising topics in a bid to paint a d …

[Read more...]Vientiane, Laos’ laid back capital city, is a complex and beautiful mix of French Colonial architecture and traditional Buddhist temples.

This blog consists our adventures & misadventures filled with photos, videos, tips, food, reviews, destinations and more!

In Thailand there are unique challenges to finding love.

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