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An early scene, in which Lois Lane (Margot Kidder) is trapped on an out-of-control Metropolis subway train, is clearly shot in the London underground - all the "This is America, honest" posters dotted around can't disguise the distinctive shape of Britain's tube trains.The film's most infamous money-saving location, though, is its use of a Milton Keynes bus station as a stand-in for New York's United Nations Headquarters on 42nd Street.Fortunately, one of 's production designers decided that the use of a few props - a hotdog seller, a woman carrying an "I Love NY" bag and a few polystyrene fire hydrants - would help convince audiences that Superman really was on his way to the UN building.Various other British locations were immortalised in too; Clark Kent's Smallville farm was actually shot in a place called Baldock in Hertfordshire, while a disused airfield in Saint Albans doubled for a US Air Force base.Here's your complete recap, with everything you need to know and (mostly) nothing you don't. Here are the highlights of almost 15 hours of ceremony and pageantry. The Drudge Report, as you might expect, was way less enthusiastic for this second inauguration than he was for the one eight years ago. The whole Obama family read their smartphones at once, like a normal, not always perfect family.Michelle Obama rolled her eyes as Obama shared a joke with John Boehner. The first lady's gown was striking, and she was the first first lady in a long time to wear red at an inaugural ball.

p.m.: Alicia Keys changed the lyrics to her songs to add Obama's name as she performed for the inaugural ball crowd.

Hurley said prescriptions by others in his practice were credited to him by nursing home pharmacies, but that Medicare has never asked him about his numbers. Michael Reinstein to nine months in prison for taking kickbacks from the makers of the antipsychotic drug clozapine, for which he was the nation’s top prescriber.

He was also ordered to pay a fine and serve community service, the Chicago Tribune reported.

The first couple danced to Al Green, as sung by Jennifer Hudson.

Our full coverage is right here..) p.m.: The first couple dancing: The second couple took it slower: p.m.: Obama is the only first lady since the 1950s to wear red to an inaugural ball, and she's only the second to wear sleeves. p.m.: Modern family: In an image from earlier today, Bloomberg's Jared Keller spots the entire Obama family on their smartphones: p.m.: And here it is, the dress that's pretty much the whole point of this thing (jokes, jokes!

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